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MagicJack Customer Service
Thursday, 21 December 2017
VoIP Apps-The Free Call Software

Voice over internet protocol is that the hip way to speak on the phone. MagicJack and other same sort have caused an explosion of VoIP programs, apps and hardware that permit you to bypass ancient phone networks in favour of digitized over-the-internet voice calls, instant electronic communication and video conferencing. 


Whether or not it’s business executives victimization telepresence and video conferencing to chop down travel pricesonline gamers craving for a straightforward suggests that of in-game communication or far-flung families craving for a way to induce up-to-date with distant admired ones. VoIP is an integral part of life for various people.

Types of VoIP App


VoIP apps are so many and so varied in their nature that we can place them under the feature that characterizes them most.

Free vs. Paid: Most VoIP apps are free and come with a VoIP service like MagicJack and that are offered by the prominent software manufacturers like Microsoft, Yahoo.

OS-Based vs. Web-Based: You don’t need to download every VoIP app. Some apps can be used embedded in your browser. Also, whenever you download an app on your computer, it’s important to know whether there is a version for the operating system you are using and get that one.

PC vs. Mobile: The way you download and install a VoIP app on your PC is not the same when you do it on your mobile. In that case, you need to log on from your smartphone to a special page of the site and follow the given instructions. Also, the service should support the device model you are using and needs to have provided a version of the app for it.

Service-Based vs. SIP-Based: Each VoIP user has an address through which a user is contacted. It can simply be a username or a SIP address. VoIP services allow you to use SIP addresses. If you intend to use that kind of app, look for services that support the SIP protocol.

MagicJack VoIP


MagicJack lets you use your home phones as VoIP phones and calls over the internet facility. MagicJack app for iOS and Android gives you a facility to place voice calls to any domestic or international number across US and Canada. When you use the app, the calls from one network to another MagicApp user are absolutely free and also a special number is assigned to you. If you have a MagicJack device, you can use the assigned number for your mobile calls as well.


MagicApp works on your smartphone and gives you free national and international calls without any hassle. The tradeoff here is that you don't get a specific, constant number, but it's a great way to work with such people where you don't want to give your original phone number.


For more details related to VoIP services and if you face some issues with your MagicJack VoIP service, you can contact us. We are the leading service provider in this field and our expert technicians are always ready to provide you with the best solution. Contact us now at MagicJack Customer Service Phone number we are available 24*7.

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